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Gossip Girl Review: The Final Chapter

I knew it was Dan from the party when GG took back the laptop. I wish they would have been able to do a back story on Dan because really he is the main character even if some didn't know it. I love Dan and wish the show had the balls to keep Dan and Blair together as a couple or as friends, was all Dan feelings a lie? Everyone to me grew up except for Blair, Chuck acknowledge he was a child back then and gave her a wedding she deserved while Blair was again willing to follow chuck blindly put her wants aside just for him she also was still hung up on "one of us" girl honestly you dated that Humphrey don't down talk him now. But whatever I'm happy it's all over everyone's "happy" it started with Dan and Serena as well as ended with them he got his girl.

Gossip Girl Finale Photo: Chuck Bass and Son?

Open my eyes it was only just a dreeaaam

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 235

"That's right bitches I'm Gossip Girl, I've always been 10 steps ahead ... They call me Lonely Boy because all the greats know it's lonely at the top!"

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