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Character Elimination V2.0!

Meredith - 46

Cristina Yang - 13

Derek Shepherd - 58

Mark Sloan - 11

Callie Torres - 8

Arizona Robbins - 15

Lexie Grey - 3

Jackson Avery - 3


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Least favourite episode (Episodes)

I really dislike the holiday episode this season as well. I felt like it was just plain awful. Too rushed, too much going on. I am sure there are other episodes that I dislike (I love Grey's but it has its moments) but that is the most recent one that I really just don't care to see again.

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Why do people seem freaked out with gays (Relationships)

He probably isn't scared of gays ... that is a little bit ridiculous. He probably just isn't comfortable with homosexuality. I have a lot of gay friends but to some of my other straight friends they are awkward about it. Not that they dislike them but they don't know what to say, how to say it - that type of thing. If you don't know the guy then you don't need to start anything with him unless he is being rude. You know better than anyone whether or not he was being prejudice or whether it is something that just bothered you. Thats my opinion ...

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