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Psych Review: Meds Check

What a FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC EPISODE! Absolutely perfect. As the biggest Shawn and Juliet fan on the planet i was ecstatic with this episode. I just adore them as a couple and everything about their relationship as a couple is just AWESOME! I just thought it was so sweet how concerned she was for Shawn and i loved when Shawn said he was making her a wallet, it was just so cute, although that made Juliet even more concerned LOL!. I loved it when Juliet said that her *biggest fear* was that they wouldn't let Shawn out! It really shows just how much Shawn means to her and how much she loves him. As for the rest of the episode. It was classic Psych and was just a joy to watch. My favorite episodes are always the *team* episodes where the four main characters all work closely together, and Maggie and Tim get plenty of screen time. I mean how awesome and beautiful was Maggie Lawson in this episode? She was just amazing! For me personally the thing that makes this show great is when Juliet and Lassiter get plenty of screen time and we get a healthy dose of Shawn and Juliet. Juliet is my favorite character and Shawn and Juliet is my favorite relationship on the show (yes even more than Shawn and Gus), so this episode was just a perfect combination of all the things that i love about Psych. I think that the writers (with the exception of last weeks awful episode) are doing a fantastic job with their romance. Creepy Gus was absolutely hilarious, and i was also relieved that Shawn didn't act all that crazy. I was kinda worried because i thought that he was going to be acting stupid for the entire episode, but in fact he didn't. I was very impressed with Shawn in this episode, and it took me back to the earlier seasons where Shawn acted a little crazy but never lost focus on the case in hand, which was sadly lacking in seasons 4 and 5 where the writers really dumbed down his character. This season he seems to be maturing and getting back to the smart Shawn that i loved from seasons 1-3. So i am extremely happy about that. I am one of those fans that has absolutely no interest in the guest stars because that is not why i watch the show and also because when they bring in lot's of guest stars or *big name* guest stars it nearly always means less screen time for Juliet and Lassiter which is automatically a BIG FAT NO for me! I don't watch the show for the guest stars i watch for the show to see this amazing and wonderful cast every week. They are the best cast ever and i just love all of them so whenever they bring on the big names i am always worried (it was one of the reasons (amongst others) that i almost quit the show during the first half of season 5). Last weeks episode was a prime example of that, and hope that it doesn't happen again. So when i heard that Molly Ringwald and Brad Dourif were going to be on the same episodei was worried that the same thing was going to happen this week and i am so relieved and happy that it wasn't the case. The guest stars IMO should never be the main focus of the show. Having said that i did enjoy both Molly and Brad's performances. Molly looks fantastic BTW. I also liked Gus' latest female obsession. I have no idea who the actress that played her is but i would certainly like to see her on the show again. So for me (with the exception of last weeks baseball fiasco) this season is quite simply perfect in every way, it is the perfect balance of comedy, action, mystery, romance, with less focus on the guest stars which for me is always a win! If they keep this up season 6 of Psych will definitely end up being the best season of the series so far. I am one happy Psych-o. I just love this cast and this show so much.

Psych Review: Rounding Third

I was extremely disappointed with the entire episode. For the sole reason that Juliet and Lassiter were absent for most part. I am very angry about this and can't for the life of me understand why the writer of this episode left them out. My favorite character is Juliet and Maggie and Tim are IMO just as important as James and Dulé and i have always maintained that Maggie and Tim should have equal billing along side them. Up until this episode i have been AMAZED by season 6 which (with the exception of this last episode) is absolutely fantastic, and if they avoid the HUGE mistake made in this last episode this season will definitely end up becoming my favorite season of the series.

Psych Review: Come On, Son!

First of all @Sis64003 you need to go back and watch the episode because Shawn's EPIC (and Emmy worthy) freak out was indeed in the Coroner's Office. He freaked out right after talking to Juliet in the lobby. Lassiter said he was going to turn himself in and that is when Shawn lost it. Anyway i just want to say that this episode, was THE MOST ENTERTAINING AND HILARIOUS HOUR OF ENTERTAINMENT THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. This episode of Psych was for me the all-time classic episode of the show and that is amazing, especially when you consider it is on it's sixth season and just seems to be getting better, and better every week. I could not love this show and this cast more than i do right now. The most talented, hilarious and lovable cast on TV today. I had to go back and watch several times because i could not stop laughing from beginning to end. The highlight's for me were, well the whole episode, but i guess that what i most loved was Shawn's toast speech at the beginning in the bar and his freak out in the Coroner's office, also as a HUGE SHULES FAN i loved, loved, loved the Shawn and Juliet B story. I loved the end scene between Shawn and Juliet, it was really cute and shows just how much these two are committed to each other. The fact that Juliet understands that Shawn is really trying to mature for her in baby steps and let her know in his own way that he is 100% committed to the relationship is really sweet and she even said that she thought any version of Shawn asking her to move in was romantic, because even though Shawn doesn't remember saying it and isn't yet ready, by asking her he has already proven to her that he is in this for the long haul and on the same page as her. But being Shawn just needs more time to adapt. For that Juliet definitely fell a little bit more in love with Shawn in this episode. Take note other shows THIS is how you put a long running will-they-wont-they couple together, and not only that make the show even better and more entertaining than it was before. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! My hats off to TPTB at Psych and this glorious cast for bringing such magic to our screens. I have been a loyal fan since the show began and hope with all my heart that it continues for many more years to come.

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