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I sort of don't feel any sympathy for Blair

Whoa. You all take this show way to seriously.

Blair = Bitch.

Serena = Whore and Dumb.

Chuck = Manwhore and now love struck.

Nate = Useless.

Dan = Blair's new minion.

Jenny = MIA.

Georgina = So 1st season and wasted writing space.

Vanessa = Waste of what could have been a good character.

They all suck and the writers have gone so far that its just honestly annoying. Eleanor Waldorf is NOT as big a name so the whole "We needed her money" thing was just absolute trash. Chuck and Blair. I am so sick of them toying with this couple that its just not even amusing anymore. Its wasted character development space. Same goes for Dan and Blair. And Serena and Dan? Really? Their freakin siblings! Sure they were great in season 1 but let's face it, they are really over and just need to stay that way.

This is why I stopped watching the show. The storylines have just gotten so fake and out of wack that its more laughable than anything else. But seeing how it was the 100th episode I felt like a had to watch. and I was disappointed unfortunately. I felt the writers could have really done something and maybe redeemed themselves.

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Goodbye thread

lol good luck with that! I tried that also. I even stopped watching the last half of season 3 and missed the first half of this season. But, curiosity got the best of me and I started reading threads and I saw that Dan and Blair might start to have something :) So I started to watch again and then Dair kissed! So I was excited and waited like everyone else to see what would come of it. What came of it? Nothing. Instead I got Chuck go into his drunken idiotic stage everyone is bored of, Blair get hit and then cover it up because she didn't want to embarass him, and some Prince come back and Blair fall all over him like a puppy dog to a new owner. They never did ANYTHING with Dair which, by some threads I was reading, was so stupid because so many people were happy because Blair was happy. Then they just ended it like nothing ever happened. But what more should I have expected? This is exactly why I stopped watching in the first place. Because they never finish a sl and if they do its stupid and short. Like Serena was all over Ben and then he just left and Serena never mentioned him again. And all Lily got was probation. For not even a year. Really? No. Sorry for writing so much and complaining because I'm pretty sure everyone is sick of all the complaining but honestly this show is just so UGH! I would like to see Serena happy and with someone she loves! Not just Blair! I would like to see Nate happy and find someone to love also! And not just Chuck! Its not the Chuck and Blair show. There are other characters who deserve to be happy also and I believe they should start to get some good sl's.

Oh also I like the way they (HOPEFULLY!) ended Chuck and Blair (besides having that icky sex scene because they are awkward together when they try to do sex scenes with these two) and I pray that with Chair ending maybe Dair could possibly happen. But I just don't want it rushed. I want them to ease into a relationship. And I don't believe that Serena meant nothing to Dan and that he was trying to get Blair the whole time. I think he loved Serena but after everything that happened he developed feelings for Blair and Vanessa just meant it in a wrong way. Derena was epic first season but I could never see them together ever again. They share a sibling, they are pretty much related because their parents got married, and they've been off and on so much that their relationship got old. But I do hope that they remain friends because I do love Serena and when everybody brought Dan down the first season, Serena was there making sure everyone knew they were dating and that she loved him and didn't care what any of the snobby people at Constance thought. And I loved that.

So don't stop watching the show because of some misleading words or a misleading prego test! I'm going to miss reading your threads weekly bashing about what the writers fucked up this episode lol

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I know we hate, well, everyone right now BUT,

I don't think anyone will be pregnant honestly. Its only been 3 weeks. Plus pregnancy tests aren't always accurate.

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