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I really wish Smallville finale had been better. For one thing, yes, the Darkseid battle was too short and too easy to defeat. In fact, I would like to see the real Darkseid in his own body and not in Lionel's. Also, we -Smallville fans- were dissappointed many times through the series. We expected that we could see Clark in his Superman suit at least once. Did we get that wish done? No! We didn't. That just sucks! I mean, I think we all expected that and that desire was unfulfilled. BIG FAIL! Oliver's struggle with Granny Goodness was just pathetic. He defeated them VERY EASILY. And finally -but not all complaints- the soundtrack was way awful. I mean, it sounded just like midi format! I could almost see a bald guy with thick glassess sitting in front of his electronic keyboard playing along the episode... They could have hired a band or something. There is a big difference of quality sound between the final scene and the rest of the chapter... Anyway, I did enjoyed somehow... I love the way they locked Zod and the other two villans in the phantome zone... I almost forgot that this serie is much based on the Superman movies...

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