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Once Upon a Time Review: Smash the Mirror

Loved this episode. I never thought that Emma would lose her powers but I was still worried the entire episode. I'm glad Hook finally told Emma the truth even though it was through a message and she'll never get it. I was really expecting Belle or someone to come out from behind something in the store and to have heard Hooks whole message. I can't believe Gold. I really hate him right now. He has to be the next big bad this season, right? He was being so careful with his words when Emma was asking him questions. I really thought she was starting to question him and would realize he was up to something. I felt so bad for what he did to Hook he really doesn't deserve this. Gold is truly evil and will never change. I thought losing Neil and having Belle he would and was but now I realize that he will never change and it's about time everyone realizes that.
I knew that it would be either Hook or Elsa that got to Emma and saved her or both of them. I would have liked it to be Hook but I'm really glad it was Elsa because she's the one that understands what she's going through. Emma and Elsa are really starting to act like sisters and I like it. The snow queen is truly crazy. I knew that before but what really put it over the edge for me was the little comments she made to Gold about his bones. That was just creepy and really brought out her craziness. In her own twisted messed up way she cares about Emma and Elsa and will protect them and will never hurt them. I believe that and that's why she tried to warn Emma and help her because she actually does care about her. So my biggest question or questions have to do with what happened in Arendelle. So the snow queen froze the Anna, Kristoff, and the castle. Are they still in Arendelle frozen? Did Elsa only hear a heartbeat because Anna's still alive but she's just frozen? Is all of Arendelle and everyone in it frozen or is it just the castle and Anna and Kristoff? I know this question isn't as important but something I did wonder. Who's running Arendelle? I mean Elsa's in storybrooke and so is the snow queen and Anna is frozen along with Kristoff so who's in charge of Arendelle? It's just something that crossed my mind when Anna was frozen. So I loved the ending. The snow queen unleashed her mirror on the town that means we will get to see the towns people turn against each other which is very exciting. I'm still hoping to see Anna and Elsa reunited but I'm not sure if it will be in Storybrooke or if it will be back in Arendelle. One of my theories that will probably never happen and is just something that crossed my mind is that the snow queen goes back to Arendelle and Elsa and Emma and maybe a few others follow her back and they defeat her there and rescue Anna Kristoff and the rest of the people. I know that is really far out there and won't most likely happen but I think it would be cool. My other theory which is more likely to happen is that they defeat the snow queen then Elsa goes back to Arendelle and unfreezes everyone and is reunited with her sister. But even with those two theories I'm still hoping Anna is in Storybrooke I don't know why I just want her to be there and for her to interact with everyone there. Anna's my favorite from Frozen and I just loved her in this episode her quotes are always so funny. I can't wait till the next episode and I can't wait to see how the snow queen story all plays out. It's getting so good and this season is just great. I might only feel this way because I'm such a fan of Frozen and am just so happy to getting more of the story and more of the characters I love so much.


So glad I finally got caught up on the show so I could watch this episode. I'm really not liking David. I thought maybe he was playing Victoria but now not so much I think he truly loves her and is totally buying what she's selling. How can he believe anything she tells him especially finding out that she knew Emily is really Amanda. I liked Daniel in season 1 then not so much in the other seasons but now I'm starting to like him again. I can't see Daniel and Emily getting back together but I can see them forming some sort of friendship and helping each other take down Victoria or taking someone down. Emily totally saved David's ass in the hospital room. Why wouldn't he want her help? The only thing I'm really wondering is how she got in the room because we saw her outside the hospital and looking in the car and knowing someone was in there but then we go to inside the hospital room and she's under the bed. So did she get up there and hide under the bed just waiting for that to happen? When she told Nolan she wasn't going to do anything and just let David handle it I didn't believe that for a second I knew she would still be searching for answers. What I didn't expect though was her having one of the men from the hospital tied up in a room and her torturing him. That was a pleasant twist.


I really enjoyed this episode. I liked how the episode was about selfies and social media sites because I'm a teenager. I don't take selfies at all like ever I don't like to, I think it's stupid, and just don't understand why so many people spend so much time talking them. I sit in school and see most of the people in my class making different faces to take selfies and they do that for as long as the can or they're on their phones on Twitter the whole time. So seeing what I see everyday and just knowing how teenagers are I found the episode pretty believable and it was good and sent a good message. At the beginning with that guy at the mall who wanted the picture with the first victim and was spying on her was totally creepy and a total stalker but I knew he obviously wasn't the killer. Finding out the one kid was the killer was interesting. I couldn't believe the ending where he took a selfie of himself and then asked how long he'd actually be in jail. I'm always confused on these types of things but even though he's a minor he'd go to jail for life right? Because they'd just charge him as an adult because he clearly new what he was doing even though he was crazy. I mean if he wasn't a minor he'd go away for life right? So why would it be different if he was a minor? I mean I know they can charge a minor no matter how old they are really as an adult if they knew what they were doing and they were most likely going to do it again if they were to get out. Right? They could put him in some sort of psychiatric ward place for being completely crazy but he'd still never get out. Am I wrong about this? I get really confused on all that stuff because you never really know but that seems like what should happen and what would justified he did after all kill 3 people and attempted to kill a fourth and who knows how many he would of killed if they hadn't gotten him yet. Derek and Savannah are so great together and I loved seeing more of their relationship. I loved the advice Garcia gave him and he took it by asking her to move in to the house he's been fixing up. It's a big step in their relationship and the right one. I hope to see more of them together because they're so cute and I just love their relationship. The message this episode seemed to be to not put everything on the internet especially personal information and well anything personal because you never know who's out there and even though most people don't think about it it's seriously dangerous and they could get stalked. Stalkers don't just stalk celebrities most stalker victims are just average normal people. I learned that from the show Stalker in I believe the first episode and that is very true. You have to be so careful about what goes online always but especially now in days with how much we're connected to technology. I don't think that most of the people in my classes that I see posting things and taking pictures of themselves really think about what they're doing and they're just doing it because.... I don't even know. I really don't understand the point of selfies. I also feel the same about twitter which is exactly why I don't have one. What's the point? I know I'm kind of ranting but it's hard not to after this type of episode. But really I enjoyed this episode a lot and it did kind of scare me of social media even though I don't do any of that stuff any way it just gave me another reason why not to take selfies. I don't think this episode was a filler. It felt like a normal case of the week episode. What is a filler episode for this type of show anyway? Wouldn't all the episodes be fillers? Because each week they deal with a new case there's only been a few seasons where their was an ongoing story throughout the season and even then it didn't pop up in most of the episodes just a few then really became big in the last 2 episode or the last one.

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