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I fell so behind on this show but finally got caught up today. I literally spent all day trying to watch the last 8 episodes of the show and finally did. They were all amazing. I seriously love this show. I loved that the finale was 2 episodes long. I've been waiting since Maleficent and all of them were introduced for Emma to go bad and I've just been waiting waiting. In the end it finally happened but I was so surprised how it happened. It was amazing and heroic and I just can't wait till next season to see what happens. I'm really excited that Lily stay in Storybrooke which I assume and hope means we'll get to see much more of her and of Maleficent. I really like their characters and I really want to know who her father is and it seemed like that would be one of the stories for next season. This season and last season the show has done a thing where they've had like 2 separate stories going on. One the first half of the season then a new one the second half. So even though it's only one season it almost feels like we've had 2. Like last season it was about Pan and Neverland then the second half it was about Zelena. Then this season it was about Elsa then the last half it was about the queens of darkness. So I think by the way this one ended I assume next season will be one giant story arch and not half season ones like they've been doing. I just don't think they'll wrap up Emma being the Dark One and finding the Sorcerer. Maybe maybe they'll do it by the half season point but something else will happen. But that's a very big if. Either way I see next season being one big story. Also does anyone else feel like they're maybe getting ready to end the show? I never really thought about it but they've done so much and this season ended with Emma becoming the new Dark One and the apprentice saying the sorcerer is the only one that can destroy the darkness. So if he comes in and he saves Emma and destroys the darkness. Wouldn't that almost mean the end of the show because what would they do without the darkness? Unless they bring in something worse or the darkness isn't actually destroyed. I don't really think or want to believe the show is coming to an end anytime soon but it's just a thought that crossed my mind at the end of the episode. Can it be Fall? I want season 5 like right now. Seriously I needs it now. I want to know what's going to happen. I also want more Captainswan after Emma becomes not dark anymore. I feel like even though Rumple was relatively normal and stuff as the Dark One I think it will be different with Emma because I don't think it'd be that simple for her to basically go along living basically as normal just with darkness like Rumple did. I feel like she'll actually be dark and she just may be next seasons big bad. I just hope Emma and Hook get a happy ending they really deserve it.

Teen Wolf Season 5 Trailer

This season looks amazing and to be completely honest a little scary. Whenever someone in a weird gas mask type thing shows up things become freaky


The finale was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I made it 30 minutes in and had to stop right at the part Jiaying was talking to Raina it sucked but it made coming back in for the rest of the hour and a half so much more amazing. I am and I'm not surprised that they killed off Raina. I kind of figured she'd die after discovering what her power was because that's such a powerful and useful power which means she probably wouldn't last long but I also just couldn't see them actually killing off that character. Raina was bad but in the end she wasn't. I mean no one trusted her but she never lied about her visions no believed whatever she said though. Her death was actually sad and I'm surprised to say that I will miss her. Okay, back like forever ago when we met Jiaying I was like "Yay, Skye has her mom back. I really hope she doesn't die. It would suck for Skye to lose when she just found her. Wow Cal is so much crazier than her how did she ever love him?" Then this episode and the last one completely changed my view on her to "She's more psycho than Cal and she needs to die." She was just so crazy and full hate and revenge. All she wanted was to protect her daughter for so long and in the end she nearly killed her daughter by sucking out her life so she could go on living. Going into the finale one of my constant thoughts was that Skye would find out the truth and that she would end up being the one to kill her mother but I kept thinking they wouldn't do that. They almost did but didn't and had Cal do it instead. It was really sad to see him have to do that to the woman he loved. Skye and Cal's goodbye was so sad. I'm happy that he lived and he went through the Tahiti project and now has a nice and normal life. But seeing Skye talk to him and him not having any idea who she was was even more heartbreaking than their goodbye. I did however love that when he asked her name she said Daisy. Well I guess there's no redeeming Ward anymore. I never thought of him as good or starting to be good again until the episode where he worked with the team again but then the episode right after made me hate him again. This episode just proves how bad he really is. He is mad at May and SHIELD for making him kill Kara and wants revenge. But is it really their fault? I mean sure May tricked her into making Kara change her face into Mays in the hopes that would happen but isn't it Kara's fault for falling for it and isn't it Wards fault for just shooting first and not asking questions or something? That was just something I was wondering after that whole scene. I am someone as weird as it may sound loves a good torture scene because I love what it does to the characters after. They always seem to come back broken but then they rise up better than the were before and seeing that evolution seeing them coming back from that is always the best thing to see. I hated the way they tortured Bobbi though. I mean sticking needles in the fingernails, so not cool. That would hurt. I couldn't look at it whenever they showed the needles without freaking out. I usually just have this standard where I don't like when the dismember parts of the body as torture because that's gross and painful but now this thing is up there to because it's so disturbing and painful looking. Speaking of Bobbi she kicked ass this episode and I officially like her again. I loved having Fitzsimmons back together. Simmons asking Fitz if they could talk about what he said at the bottom of the ocean because there was maybe something to talk about was so cute. The end where Fitz tried to ask Simmons out to dinner was so cute and awkward and just adorable. I hope we get the dinner date as soon as the realize Simmons is missing and that she was swallowed by the giant alien liquid weird rock thing. The strangest thing in the episode was the ending with that rock turning liquid and swallowing Simmons. I don't know what to think of it. It was just so weird. The most shocking part of the episode was Coulson losing his arm. I didn't think Coulson would actually turn to stone but I didn't think he would lose an arm either. I don't know what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting that. It makes me wonder if in season 3 he'll get some sort of robotic arm or if that lady from AOU will use her machine thing to build him a new arm. I think we'll see him without an arm for awhile but I also think he'll get some sort of new arm because I just can't see Coulson without any arm forever. I like Mac again. I haven't really liked him again until this episode. In this episode he really proved himself. He helped Skye, he protected the crystals, and he cut off Coulson's arm to save his life. He's also staying with SHIELD so we get more of him next season which is amazing. Lincoln also lived which I'm so happy about because I love him. I really really hope this means that we'll seem him next season and he'll be on his superpowered people's team Coulson and Skye are putting together. I know it may be out there but I hope not so much but I really want him upped to a series regular next season. I love that we're going to have a team of superpowered people with Skye as the leader. I'm super excited for season 3. Can it just be here already? This was really an amazing finally and definitely one of the best I've ever seen.

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