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Spectacular episode. Definitely a favorite. I loved seeing the Reverse Flash but I honestly didn't think we would get that much of him but we actually got a pretty good amount which was awesome. Ok so I don't read comics and know anything about the DC universe especially The Flash. I literally know nothing about him except for the obvious stuff like his name and what his powers can do. That's about it and that's all stuff I heard about or had learned from on a cartoon. Even though I don't know anything about the universe I still have theories that I've come up with from watching the show and don't care if I'm totally wrong because this is just the vibe I'm getting from the show. Ok first obviously called this since day 1 is that Dr. Wells can't be trusted. I can't decide who he is yet and can't make a guess but I consider that he could be the Reverse Flash but I also can't see it. The only thing I feel really sure about is that he's from the future. He seems to want to protect the Flash because he's worried about him going missing so I don't know if he's a bad guy bad guy or what. Someone else I'm considering as the Reverse Flash is Eddy. Not because of anything about him. I don't see him as bad I see him as the good guy but I can't help but feel that he could be the Reverse Flash. One of the things I though of before I saw this episode and after the last episode was how the Flash disappeared. I remembering watching a movie where the Flash went back in time to save his mom but in doing so it messed everything up to where he didn't become to Flash. Could that be a theory for how the Flash is missing? I don't even know how true that is but there's also the problem with my theory that if he did go back and it caused him to never become to Flash then he never would have been the Flash which means the Flash wouldn't exist which means no one would no about him so no one would know he is missing. That's the only problem with my theory and it's a pretty big one. But that or something similar seems more possible after this episode because as Cisco brought up the night Berry's mom was murdered he saw yellow and red lightning which most likely means that the Reverse Flash killed his mom but Berry was also there. Maybe trying to stop it? Maybe something happened and he got lost in time or something? There's just so many possibilities it's hard to come up with a good working theory. I'm glad that Berry finally told Iris how he felt. I mean everyone knew Joe, his dad, Cisco, Caitlin, Dr. Wells, Felicity, even Eddy felt like Berry had a thing for her but the only one who couldn't see it was Iris herself. It bothered me that she never said anything to Berry and not that she continued to be with Eddy but that she was sitting on his lap at the house in front of Berry and didn't even try to talk to him about what he said to her. How does she feel? Does she even know how she feels? I liked seeing Ronnie again. Seriously I've been waiting since I heard Robbie Amell was cast as him and he was playing Firestorm. I kept thinking about ways the others would find out about him but this way never crossed my mind and it was a cool way. I can't wait to see where Ronnie goes from here and how they get him to join them and how he and Caitlin interact from now on because we'll obviously see him again some time soon. I can't wait till the show returns in January it's getting so good and so much has happened and we're only in season 1.


Why Tripp? I would have rather of had Mack dead. I liked him sure but I liked Tripp more an knew him better. Why? I knew he was going to die when he went back down. I just knew he was going to be the one that died. We saw Mack drop down the hole which would have killed any normal person but he was possessed or something and we never saw his body and in TV if there's no body then they aren't dead and even when you have a body they aren't always dead. Ok so first I know nothing about the comics or anything Marvel really except for what I learn in the movies or in this show. So I don't know what a lot of things are that are happening or who people might be. But since everyone was talking about theories of the Kree, Inhumans, and Skye being Daisy who's Quake made me do a bit of research so I know a few things but still absolutely nothing. Which I am ok with because it just makes the little surprises that much more surprising. I know we found out Skye's name but I'm still calling her Skye because it's what I'm use to and I just like it better than Daisy. Skye's reunion with her father went a lot better than I expected it would go which was nice and I liked that she actually listened to him and got the truth about what happened to her mother. I also liked that Skye didn't kill him which means we'll definitely see him again and it showed that she doesn't want to kill her own father. Speaking of killing I know he's not dead but I was actually a little surprised that Skye shot Ward. I hope that doesn't make him turn on her and he still tries to help her and stuff because even though he's a bit crazy it shows that he cares. I was trying to get through this episode fast because it was late when I watched it so I had to watch it again especially the ending because I needed to make sure what happened happened and make sure I didn't miss anything. So Skye has transformed and now has some sort of powers I assume and so does Reyna. So what are their powers? I'm excited to find out when the show returns. I'm also excited to see how Coulson and the rest of the team react to Skye's new abilities because her father said they wouldn't accept her so even though I don't believe that I'm excited to see how they react to them and to her. I definitely think that seeing Tripp literally crumble to dust right before her eyes will affect her going forward. I'm so glad Whitehall is dead. I've been waiting for it but I didn't think it would happen this fast. Which leaves the question. Who is the new big bad? March? Really? It returns in March? Everything else seems to be returning in January so a month that due able but March. That's 3 months away. Why so long? Why? They're doing this to us on purpose. They know we hate having to wait so they torture us by making us have to wait even longer than other shows.

Arrow Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Climb

What an amazing episode. This has got to be the best episode of the season so far or at least I think it is. Ray opening up to Felicity and showing her the suit and telling her his plans was great. He really is just a good guy and he just came right out and was completely honest with Felicity which was amazing. Laurel is not good at keep her sisters death a secret. It seems that the only one that doesn't know now is Lance. She just told Thea she didn't even try to hide it and then she told her mom because her mom could tell something was wrong and she actually guessed it Laurel didn't have to say it. When Oliver was saying goodbye to everyone it really felt like this was the end. Like he wasn't coming back. I kept telling myself that it's not the end because Oliver can't die. His goodbye to Thea was great. I was really expecting him to tell her that he was the arrow. My favorite goodbye though was between Oliver and Felicity. He told her he knew 2 things. 1 being that he would do whatever it takes to protect his sister and 2 that he loves her. It was so great hearing him say it but also so sad because then it really really felt like this was the end of Oliver Queen. I know my biggest question from this episode is whether Oliver is alive or dead but it's not. It's actually, How old is Ra's Al Ghul? He said he hadn't been challenged in 67 years. He also said that the first time he killed someone was when he was 11. So he's got to be at least 78, right? He doesn't look that old. How is that? How old is he?
Oliver isn't dead he can't be. My reasoning for that besides that I just don't want him to be is that there can't be Arrow without the Green Arrow. There can't be the Green Arrow without Oliver Queen. And there can't be Oliver Queen without Stephen Amell. I think that pretty solid evidence as to why he can't be dead. I'm also in total denial and will never accept it until there is actual proof. We saw him get cut and stabbed twice and pushed off a mountain but this is TV and if I've learned anything in my years of watching many shows is that no one is ever dead unless you see a body and even then they still aren't always dead you need a body and then actual proof actual solid proof the person is dead. So if we don't get any of that which we haven't yet then he is not dead. God I really hate Merlin. Just needed to say it. I can't wait till the show returns in January.