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Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore Promo (CTV)

The limo driver seriously it's Jack again!!! trust me I can tell !!!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 110

Jack: ''I'm gay!''

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 104

Jenny: ''Now Eric, finally you will be the next Queen E!''

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For whom is Juliet working?

she's tottaly working for/ with Ben bu't donno about their motives, one can only guess

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am I the only one? really?

But am I the only one who find out that Nate is seasons premire hore! Okey, not first season, but second there was Cathryn then Bree and now Juliet.


And also the ''Louie prince ect.'' storyline is quite similar with the second season storyline and Marcus the lord.


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Natessa ( Epic)

No, Nate and Penelope!! All the way and somehow she's on the set pictures, and maybe ........

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