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I want this show!!!! I don't want to let Auggie go. I can't see Annie as a married woman but I want her to be happy with Ryen. He loves her, he's a good man.

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 9: Called In Dead

When Lindsay said she's going to accept the offer I've said now is the time for Burgess to be part of the team. They gonna need a new member and she deserves it. And she gets shot! Unbelievable.
Am I the only one thinking that people are going to find out about Ruzek and Burges? As about Roman and his ex, that was really childish.


I guess I'm the only one who's sick and tired of Boden. Eamonn Walker is my least favorite actor here.
As about Dawson and Casey, I hope this drama is going somewhere because it's too much already. Everything is about Dawson. The writing is getting sloppy.
Antonio is going through hell and they don't even mention it. They used to be in a good relationship, I mean Dawson and Antonio but I guess there is no room for that any more.