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honestly, if staroline is going to happen i might actually get back into watching this show. i grew so tired of it this season i've barely kept up..

The Originals Review: A Man of His Word

Only on episode 6, but so far The Originals has one of the best if not the best first seasons I've seen in ages.
I was so worried about it, but it really has been delivering for six weeks straight.


YAY! Round Table is back!!!
1. Damon and Jeremy, and any Silas! He was so Sassy! I love Paul's sassiness!
2. I'm going to go with Nadia's mission because I would enjoy to see Matt have an actual storyline not involving The Grill.
3. THE DORM ROOM. I want to live the rest of my twenties there!
4. I'm sorry you died. Also, I hate your daughter.
5. I really don't have any... Too socially awkward to be in social situations...