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last nights episode, just seemed a little weak, not as enthralling or enticing. you would think the episode that came before the season finale would of been a little more exciting to draw you in for the finale. Kinda felt like they "mailed it in" this week.

Matthew lee
NCIS Season Finale Review: "Pyramid"

reading the comments about people asking for a more serious Tony and not the funny Tony I have something to add. I remember in previous episodes I think with Franks where Franks (or another agent I dont remember exactly) was asked by Tony how Gibbs was when he started. Franks said he was a lot like DiNozzo, fun, upbeat, and a prankster. Then Gibbs became serious and his current state over the years. I think Tony is going thru the same process. Since Tony sees Gibbs as his Mentor and Gibbs sees Tony has himself and lots of mutual respect we can see that Tony is become more like Gibbs as he gets older. I m not saying youll see Tony in his basement with a borbon building a boat anytime soon, but you can see how he is progressing as an agent. Just my two cents...

Matthew lee

One more thing..... It deals with the whole Tony/Ziva angle.. Ok this is a Bellasario production. If you noticed in his last three series he has played the same lingering, love undertones storyline and its a rehash...
Look at JAG, Harm and Mac where flirting with love interests for like seven seasons. When you thought it would get close something would come up and start all over again... and it never really ended right, they flirted and skirted round the issue and the ending was left in air.
NCIS- Tony and going on what its fourth/fifth season of flirting, will they/wont they storyline. You think after Somolia youd have them exploring, and then BAM its JAG all over again.
NCIS: can see him rehashing it again with Kensi and Deeks. Dont get me wrong I dont mind it but the whole Tony Ziva thing, dont be waiting patiently for that, Bellasario will play that out for the length of the show.