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background music during episodes are TOO LOUD!!!!! (Site Suggestion)

Reply to "Amy" I'm sorry that you are still rocking a 1980's tv with turn knobs and a speaker, but the rest of us have new tv's and surround systems with stereo.

We thought the someone had to be complaining about this ridiculious music, it is so loud that the show is just unwatchable.  We stopped watching it live because of the commercials, but it still does it from the DVR.

I'm sure ABC is just doing this to advertise the music and itunes; but this show does not need any help. It is just fine the way it is.

I suppose I could turn off the sound and turn on captions on the bottom?

Thanks, ABC for ruining a great show to advertise music and itunes, i hope they are paying you alot of money for losing all your customers.

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