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PASS THE TISSUE!!! Best tear jerking scenes. (Fan Fiction)

I don't cry to much on the show, but A co-worker spoiled the season 5 finale before i got to watch it, and i still cried when i saw  him wrote 007.

another time was when the old guy was trying to peform CPR on his wife, because the doctors couldn't do anything  since the husband and the wife both agreed to sign the DNR~

and the only other time i can remember crying on the show was when the 2 kids with cancer were in love, and Merdith and Derek were doing the clinical trial on them. and the boy went first and died, and the doctors went in to tell the girl, and then she realized the bad news before they told her.

I'm sure there were other times i cried or made a sniffle, but those 3 were the only ones that really got to me.

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