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The Mentalist Midseason Report Card: B+

if only one person reads this it will be worth my time. if you have not seen all the episodes yet, but have begun to love the premise and the characters, consider this. i downloaded four seasons of "the mentalist" based on the first few shows in an attempt to "marathon" my way through it while waiting for spring to come. then somethng happened. do not know exactly when, but i saw my brain turn to gooey disappointment and seep through my skull onto my computer screen. i now suspect that a real life red john will be hunting the writers that have destroyed this show. fck you for killing it. i am now erasing the fourth season and will only watch the last "red john" get caught when their done ruining this show. patrick jane and micheal scofield (from prison break) (as characters) deserved better. save your brain and stop watching after the second season.