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i'm always a guest as 'rachel' huge shipper of; bamon, stelana, and dalaric.     18, canada.    
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can anyone find the bamom thread?

i can't find it.

or maybe it's just me and i'm tired.


anyways i wanted to bump the thread because now that they're trying to get bonnie and jer together i think they need a little competition on this forum :) (i know like there isn't enough already)

but still.

if anyone could find it that'd be great.

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Stelena Appreciation Thread

i finally got around to liking the vampire diaries on facebook and i go to look at the discussions.

Iswear, all I saw were damon and elana forever threads.


i wanted to span a bunch of stelana threads, but i figured it wasn't worth my time. I still don't see whats so amazing about delana. Dont' get me wrong damon is great he's like sue, with all the one liners that complete each episode.

and did any one cry for 4 hours when stelana broke up for the first time for real? i stopped my tv on stefans face and cried, then continued the episode. :(


anyways yes, my rant is now complete

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The creepiest Buffy episodes

Nothing was really that creepy, the spider teacher from season 1 was gross though.


"Also, I think the creepiest character was either Angelus or the Mayor. Scariest.Villians.Ever. "


whattttt the mayor was hilarious! "I know two words that can solve anything, Minature Golf" LOL Best villian was probably the season 2 group, they were adorable XD (spike/dru/angel)

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