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Oh my god..willryone STOP COMPLAINING about how bad it was, it was amazing. Amazing acting writing and direction. The only reason you think s bad is because Lexie died..which was yes devistating and i personally screamed and cried my self. Im sooo sad Lexie died, she was one of my favourite characters and will be sadly missed but it was an incredible episode

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 313

Bailey: But look its a cat opening a door, how can you not love it!
Ben: (thinking) and i want to marry this women why?


As many have said just because the originals have signed new contracts does not meen that they are safe..this is Shonda Rhimes we're talking about its not going to be expected. Im starting to think the person who dies is not involved in the plane crash as after they have released this clip it would be too exptected. Saying that if the unfortuanate character to die is in the crash i can only hope its not Arizona..she is too much of a good charcter even though it would make sense for her to die with her current storyline(s) and JCaps prengnancy. It would also make sense for April to Commit Suicide but Shonda said fans will be mad at her for killing the charcater she kills off but then that doesn't ring true for April. Anyway you look at it its going to be a shock.

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