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Love the new roundtable. I agree about Jerry/Traci I hate to even think it because they just fit & work so well together as a couple but I do think they're headed for splitsville. I think Traci is trying as hard as she can for Jerry to want to get married, but she just doesn't want to get married. I do think she's gonna end up breaking his heart. As for Gail/Nick I want to like them more. I really do it's obvious she was very in love with him and there are still residual feelings there but idk. I just can't fully get behind them as a couple. I think Gail did really well undercover she has great instincts.

Rookie Blue Round Table: "Coming Home"

I love the roundtables!! I'm getting the feeling we probably haven't seen the last of Dov & Crystal. I also think Gail hit it on the head in this episode. He's doing it to punish himself.

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