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Fringe Review: The Paradox of Peter Bishop

Oh and also, I trust this version of Nina Sharpe even less than I trust the original version.

Fringe Review: The Paradox of Peter Bishop

I was fascinated by the dynamic between Peter and Olivia this week. I thought we would get to see far more interaction between them (I must admit though that I'm not disapointed because it just means some really epic stuff is still to happen between them in future episodes), usually Olivia is so 'take charge'when it comes to investigations but this week she sat herself in the backseat. I think it was completely predictable that she would be a little freaked out by Peter, and I thought it was interesting that this was the episode she asked Lincoln out. My guess is that she is just SO freaked out by the pull Peter has for her, that it made her want to distract herself. But what interested me most was Peter's reaction to Olivia. He didn't try to convince her that they were in love or had a relationship.(I can not wait for that scene, I wonder if Peter will reveal it or if Olivia will put it together herself), He's scared. In that last scene with Walter (My favourite of the episode) when Peter says "Olivia looks at me as if I'm a stranger, like she's scared of me" my heart broke a little.
It looks like next week Peter and Olivia have far more interaction with each other. Can't wait!!!

Fringe Review: Paranormal Activity

I think the idea of this new timeline is interesting, seeing how far reaching Peters effect has been on our universe and how much he is missed, now that he is missing from it's history, it certainly isn't boring. However, surely the end goal it to get back to the old timeline?
I've been reading alot of forums and blogs about how 'wonderful' the relationship between Walter and Olivia is now, and how people think that this incarnation of Olivia is far superior to 'our' Olivia. It kinda makes me sad that so many people think that Olivia and Walters relationship is better than it was with Peter around. Just look at what Walter has become, a recluse. How is that good? or better? I thought Olivia and Walters relationship in the original timeline had gotten to a really lovely point, mostly I thought because of thier respective relationships with Peter, Walter loves Olivia because Peter loves Olivia and Walter wants Peter to be happy. One of the reasons I always thought Olivia was able to forgive and work with Walter, despite what he had done to her as a child was because, in the end, everything Walter does is because he loves Peter so much. I'll grant you the scene in this weeks episode where they went out for root beer floats was a really great scene between the two of them, but I preffer the scene in Season Three's 'The Last Sam Weiss' when Walter encourages Olivia and tells her he wishes she could see how special she is. I thought it was horrible that Olivia would ever consider sending him back to St Claire's. Our Olivia would never even entertain the idea.
I also miss Walter and Astrids relationship, which was at times closer than his and Peters relationship. I want them to be friends again.
And Nina has a maternal relationship with Olivia. How disturbing. I've never really liked Nina and always thought that Olivia didn't trust her. It kinda makes my skin crawl a little that they are so close this time around.
I am also a little frustrated that alot of information about the cortexiphan trials is only just surfacing for our new characters. I'm not sure if that is purely for our benifit at home, to re-tell the events as they happened in this timeline.
So I guess this is my little essay on why I think we should enjoy our visit to the amberverse, but hurry back to our blue universe, where Walter and Olivia don't depress me.

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