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Gossip Girl Spoilers: Time Jump Ahead?

I don't think Blair would have been so stupid to they Louis that it was his baby when it actually is not...that is so easily discoverable!! :/ unless it is Serena...


Poor Nate, once again a toy to mean social climber/cougar and/or rebound guy... :( Nate should be with Serena, end of story. If they are not going to get back together, he should stay solo mourning his pretty dumb boy misery and maybe getting busy with darker stuff, why not?, it would be interesting! :D


Since this episode I've been wondering: How a dress made to fit Jenny Humphrey could ever fit Serena van der Woodsen?? Intriguing...

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Dan and Serena need to come back

uh...I prefer Serena and Nate!! Since that bar stool on the Shepherd wedding...they belong to each other.

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What ever happened to GGI?

well, unfortunately it is not gii anymore...I don't even know if the same people remain in charge of the page! :( I was also very sad when this whole change happened, I was so used to the old format...

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can we petition for Taylor Momsen to reprise her role in episode 100?

I bet we don't even need to...of course she is gonna be in episode 100, as well as many other old faces!! They couldn't make it any other way...

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