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jude: I believe Derek said he was 13 when his father was murdered. I do not think Derek is the oldest. His birth order has not been stated but I got the impression that at least 2 of his sisters are older (Nancy and Kathleen) maybe because of them checking up on him (Kathleen sent Nancy) and being so protective and controlling. I think Nancy is supposed to be pretty close in age to Derek. There is another sister that nothing has been said about except that she is a doctor as well. She could be either older or younger than Derek. I assume Amelia is the youngest unless the mystery sister is younger.

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7x01 info (Spoilers)

My instinct is to say this was made up.  "After the aftermath" doesn't sound right to me.  It is either redundant and poorly worded or it implies it is taking place further in the future than the aftermath in which case the events listed would have already occurred. 

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