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Death and All His Friends

he won't , the contract is made until season 7 so don't worry about that, maybe some hostage drama ? i think that episode include violence ?!


LEXIE & MARK definitely !!! I adore them


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Cristina: "I miss my dad." 2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona? I don't think so , cause they are ment to be together and when they aren't together for a while , they understand it and move back together. 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek? Meredith 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex? Cristina , it was nice to see that she isn't just robot, that she have feelings too, and this moment with the patient's daughter , it had me in tears. 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie? Definitely team Slexie, i like Mark so much and i like them together, since they break up i pray every episode that they go back together. 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what? When i heard that the hospital begun the least safe place in world i think that maybe some terrorist came to hospital and shoot Derek ? hold him in a hostage ?

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)

Addison in season 3, when they tasted cakes to Cristina and Burke wedding


someone else can put new quote :)

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)

Alex after George and Callie married in Las Vegas :D


A: Hey, you know I'm working with Cristina. She's interested in peds.

B: No she isn't.

A: Yeah she is.

B: Oh ok. Well.

A: What, did she say something to you?

B: She didn't have to. She's Cristina.

A: Oh ok, you're gonna have to help me out here. 'Cause I don't know what that means.

B: I shouldn't say anything she's my roommate.... And you're my girlfriend. Girlfriend trumps roommate. Ok, fine. She's Cristina. She's all about cardio. So, she's probably sucking up to you to get through the merger. I mean, is she good with the kids?

A: Oh, she's sucking up.

B: Yeah.

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Who's That Quote From? (Fan Fiction)

Meredith in season 4 finale

"I'm just saying. I'm just saying life is short. You know it's like cancer happens and surgery happens and you know, you got... rosebuds! You got 8.7 million rosebuds, Izzie! Now go spend some rosebuds, that's what I'm saying."

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