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Test Your Grey's IQ! (Site Suggestion)

ha i got MCFABULOUS :D

that was pretty kool

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Grey Quiz (Relationships)

01. The first character I fell in love with: meredith

02. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Lexie

03. The character everyone else loves that I don’t: addison

04. The character I love that everyone else hates: Teddy

05. The character I used to love but don’t any longer: izzie

06. The character I would shag anytime: Mcdreamy ;), owen, alex, mark, anyone of them would do fine

07.The character I want to be like: meredith

08.The character I’d slap: april, what an idiot "My dad..hes a farmer..corn..hes grows corn", he should have just shot her

09. A pairing that I love: merder

10. A pairing that I hate: george and izzie, lexie and alex,

11. Favorite character: meredith

12. My five favorite characters: meredith, christina, george, derek, bailey

13. My five least favorite characters: april, izzie, burke, hahn, ava

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How many guys watch Grey's Anatomy??? (Fan Fiction)

I only know 2 guys who watch greys, one of thems gay and one of them is my brother cause greys is something me him an my mum sit down and watch every week.

more guys should watch it, its a great show

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