Hi ppl! My name is Jena and im originally from Poland. i have move to US a little while ago so I'm sorry in advance for any writing errors I may make. i am a HUGE fan of Grey's Anatomy and a die hard MerDer fan. dont really have much to say since i dont do much else then watch GA and play soccer o.o okaii well toodles for now xD!
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April: -watches Meredith and Derek's fight- maybe I'll finally get my chance with Derek!!!

Eric Dane Checks into Rehab

aww its nice to see Eric do this with his fam in mind [; gotta love him


love Ellen to death nd Stella is soo cute!!

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Unaccompanied Minor (Episodes)

This was by far THE MOST PAINFUL episode EVER!!! im so freakin mad at Derek!! how could he!?!?! and Crowen!?!? WTF was that!! i need more tissues -_- Mer and Zola were my only light...welcome bac to Dark nd Twisty Land!!!

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I Will Survive (Episodes)

I hope Derek doesnt find out about Merediths little "switch"... But if he does I hope they will always stay together and that Meredith won't lose her job...and I agree with Jane...if they break up, or either of them leave the show, then I will stop watching for good...MerDer 4 Ever!!!!
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It's a Long Way Back (Episodes)

IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED TONIGHTS EPISODE THEN WARNING SLIGHT SPOILERS BELOW: Omg I knew it!! The envelope that Meredith takes does have some thing to do with Adele's case!! Wow I feel smart xD but couldnt it harm Adele if she wasnt cleared for the meds?? I hope not, and i hope Mer wont get caught!! But omfg!! MerDer might ADOPT!?!?! But in order to adopt they need to be legally married!!! So wedding AND a baby!!!!!! Woot!!! Loved the episode!! Although I still think it needs more un-work related MerDer!!
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