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Leighton Meester is definetly my idol! Ed Westwick is definetly my love! This show is amazing! Chair forever! :)
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"Enough About Eve" Sneak Previews

ohmygod- i cant wait.
I HOPE it doesnt ruin CHAIR's relationship :(
they MAKE the show.
Ooh- and i think dan and olivia make a good couple!




jenny has a nice dress- bad acting and personality
LOVE chair :)
i also want vanessa and dan to be together- bit odd... or vanessa and nate- they were nice.
serena is just pointless.

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Chuck's hair next season


<b> Bring back the hair! and the SCARF! </b>

His allllll gelled back slicked back hair in this season (mainly toawrds the end) is really making him look balddd :(

I looved his season 1 look! He looked so badassss, young, and well.. hott!

But I liked the early season 2 hair as well like in episode 8 his hair was half-way slicked and halfway loose like season 1. It was PERFECT!

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Who si Chuck kissingin PRomo???! (Without his shirt on!?) (Spoilers)

Vanessa? Blair?

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