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Ok, so the finale was a little long on the talking..but i felt it did a fine job of leaving me hang till next season....you gotta have something to look forward to, and if they closed up all the story lines, what would make you come back? if theres no hook, then theres no catch! if nothing else i can't wait to see what they do with russell edgington, and if no one noticed, rev. newlin, now a vamp himself! and they were picking up more on holly, especially in the wicca shop sequences. and i fully expected debbie to come for sookie, tara just kinda got caught up, which doesn't make it so random, more senseless, seeing how debbie wanted sookie in her jealous rage, and accidentally got tara...i thought it was sweet of mrs.fortenberry to say that stuff to sam. it was good to see her be a human being to another person, instead of always such a bitch. it all kinda came together, altho, i was a lil disappointed that sookie left bill and eric...also, not talking about what happened between sheriff andy and the fairy was supposed to leave you hanging...speculation on whats to come in the following season. and i'm sad that jesus died...he was a great character...and i kinda liked it when bill said, "we're not fucking puppy dogs!" that was funny!

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