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Justified Review: Crowder Complexity

Great episode, again...the thing about Justified, is even an 'average' episode of the series, would be, writing/style/banter/awesome-wise, a top episode in any other drama series in television. So while not as good as last weeks "top three of season" episode, still brilliantly done. Thing about series finale...first, Justified season finales are simply amazing, so there's some pressure for intense action, since they're 3 for 3 so far. Second, I ordinarily would think Winona would end up being fine even when a beautiful damsel in distress, and Graham Yost indicated this a year ago...but Natalie Zea's got a full time gig in other hit show, and they were talking at beginning of this episode about the need for Raylan to fill out forms (insurance?)...they wouldn't harm the baby girl, but I'm now not sure about Winona surviving, to at least give birth or have a C-section done. Will see what happens next week.

Justified Review: The Game is a Foot

Drew Thompson is becoming the mystery for the season...Justified, sometimes likes to come up with answers, that in retrospect, make perfect sense...it would be a fascinating turn of events, if it turns out to be Stephen Root, a/k/a "The Hammer" Judge...that would help explain how Drew Thompson kept tabs on law enforcement, well enough to stay a few steps ahead of them.. (Though hopefully he changed his look enough, maybe with plastic surgery, to keep from being noticed by Tonin, for the first few years)


Still best show on TV...The writing, acting, and editing, with the Peabody winning view on Appalachia Kentucky, is continually fascinating. Graham Yost and the cast are brilliant, and season 4 is continuing a trend that I didn't think could get much better. Since I guessed Arlo last season shot Tom, will press my luck further, and predict that emeralds from South America will be found hidden in or around Raylan mother's grave.

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