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I think this is crap just to put it bluntly. These shows may not be "the in thing" but these shows have been able to keep viewers for decades, unlike most of today's television. If I were running ABC, I would consider them to be the staples of the programming line up. Something I knew I could depend on. I guess dependability is not what ABC wants. They want the quick buck or shall I say the new buck. Maybe viewers will no longer look at ABC as a staple in their lives and move on to other channels. I have nothing against the other shows, however I believe they should be put into a different time slot. Way to mess up a good thing ABC. THANK GOODNESS FOR SOAPNET. At least there I know I can see these shows.

False Witness

The greatest show on TV. There are a few shows that will go down in history as being the best and this is one of them. Love this show.

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