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i loved the episode - but i agree that i would like to see emily's storyline developed slower, and to see her as a character away from maya as well as with her. i loved the vodka and soda scene with spencer and wren. very cute.

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Story 3 Official Discussion Thread

We'll see...maybe after exams I'll be inspired and gleeful about the fact that I don't have to feel guilty about spending time on the internet.


And hi Tibs! <3

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Story 3 Official Discussion Thread

I know :(

Examy times, unfortunately. I was scrolling through my past posts and everyone used to be around so much more frequently! 

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Favourite Song Lyrics (Music)

No you can't only love when you want to

That's how i lost her

I'm sure of it now

That's how I'll lose you

Unless somehow

Nothing else ever

Happens to you

I will never be enough

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