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I absolutely LOVED this
episode, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat for the first half of it!
We are not used to us seeing Meredith screaming to remove someone from her sight or else she'll kill that person. From the wonderful dialogue to the heart thumping music, this was a
"don't miss" episode. So not a fan of Amelia, can't even imagine why
Owen is so interested. All she seems to think about
is herself. She just can't be in Meredith's corner AND when she got up &
left the table, she screamed to "get her (Penny) out of MY house."
MEREDITH'S house & that Amelia & Maggie just live with her. Unless I did not hear her correctly & she yelled out "get her out of this house." And speaking of Meredith's house - I get the knocking down of the wall & all they did to the kitchen & all but did they have to go & put frosted glass panel on the front door - the long see through glass was beautiful in that door ... just an observation. :-) And when Amelia/Owen were in her
room talking & she asked him how he can be so perfect .... he should have told Amelia that
he cheated on Cristina,
which led to Cristina leaving him for Switzerland. THAT would have been the honest thing to do, rather than telling her that he had hoped Cristina died in the crash ... what? No, there is something wrong with that statement. We all KNOW, Owen took Cristina for what little she did or could give him & she changed as time went by, to the point where Cristina didn't want the divorce, so for me, what he told Amelia, just didn't ring true for me. I was happy the way that April/Jackson
were doing the dishes, like the married couple that they are. He knew what he
was doing, standing close to her nicely complimenting her on the
delicious dinner she made & thanking her. And when Jackson was leaving, he & Callie had very nice dialogue about not knowing how or even being able to stop feeling the way they do, HE is SO
totally in love with her (& she with him), so for him to throw out that "d" word was fairly premature. I continue to be hopeful for
this couple, not sure I'll get my wish that they stay together, but when I see scenes like this,
it puts a smile on my face & makes me hopeful. It's great that Meredith is starting to get the pent up anger out of
her system. LOVED it when Meredith screamed at Owen to get
Amelia out of her room before she killed her - holy smokes. That
was one of the most believable scenes Ellen Pompeo has ever done on the
show. I am happy that Alex did not even try to get between
Meredith/Amelia, even though he did say her name, he just sat there
& let her roll. And for as long as they were in the floor & then drinking tequila & then other scenes were shown & they weren't going back to Meredith & Alex & I just said "oh no, don't even tell me, that at the end of the show, Jo is going to walk into Meredith's room & find Alex & Meredith in bed with each other ..... boy did I let out a huge sigh of relief when they came down stairs so Alex could go home. Felt bad for Callie when Meredith took her shoe-less foot & pushed the door in her face. That move pretty much said it all as to how Meredith was feeling about Callie, who had no idea about Penny. So Callie caught the wrong end of that one. I don't really blame Penny for Derek's death, I blame Derek's death on the DOCTOR'S, they are the one's residents & interns & nurses have to listen to but this episode was in keeping with the speech that Meredith gave to the interns the week before, about them being the first face & most remembered face for the life altering news they are about to give to a loved one & they better take it seriously. Penny was the one that told Meredith & everyone at the table that she should have fought harder for the CT scan for Derek, so she KNEW what should have happened & all these doctors have lost patients. Cristina operated on Henry, Teddy's husband, that was a pretty sad death & of course there have been many others. This just involves our beloved Derek Shepard, the one with the perfect everything including his hair, according to Teddy. HUGE fan of Maggie,
just not her story line last night. Running around telling everyone she ran into, that she
had to pee & why. Then once at the hospital & in her paper gown, she gets all modest & covers up & doesn't want Doc Andrew to be the one to examine her; WHAT? SHE was the one that put out to him; kinda silly as far as I'm concerned. Enjoying the breezy way they are interacting with each other though. And I am SO Team Stephanie, all that she told Jo was spot-on. It doesn't even seem as if Jo wants to be a doctor. Who sees her doing anything recently? I have never been a huge fan of the character of
Meredith Grey all these years & haven't been a fan of the actress who
portrays her either, but I have to say, since Derek died, the character
of Meredith has zoomed up my "fan of" list & Ellen Pompeo
has been giving Emmy award winning performances. No explosions or bombshells next week because there is no Grey's Anatomy - :-(


@Bex - I waited & waited while holding my breath that we did not see a drunk Alex/Meredith in bed together. When they came down the stairs, I let out a huge sigh of relief. They are too good a friends to become lovers.

Castle Season 8 Episode 5 Review: The Nose

I totally agree with you Hege Halvorsen Ålgårdstad. Neither Roy Montgomery nor Victoria Gates took on cases outside of the precinct, how is it that Kate Beckett gets to do it? Because this is a continuation of a previous story line? Bogus ... that's why you have Detectives Ryan & Esposito working for you. And I agree with reviewer Christine, that if Kate had confided totally in Rick & got him to understand to NOT get involved, because remember Rick's "m.o." HE doesn't exactly listen to HER when she tells him to not do something. Maybe that's WHY she decided not to tell him. He does tend to meddle in things that she has asked him not to. We could see that maybe they were very angry with each other, maybe even having people hear arguments from them, but in stolen moments, hugs, kisses & maybe a roll in the hay would have been much more of a great story line to the viewers. But to separate them for THIS & having Rick continually try to "win his wife back?" Very contrived ... very. And then again ... maybe this has something to do with Rick's father, there has to be a reason why we were introduced to his step-mother, of which he is not aware of having one. And maybe this has something to do with Rick's disappearance. We are not getting much in the way of a motive in Kate's leaving. Just that she has & I have zero doubt that she is deeply in love with her husband.