It's all about the Violet/Pete love. I fell madly in love with the two when they kissed+ in 2x09 and I've been a diehard ViP shipper ever since.

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Private Practice Review: Hit by a PMS Truck

Violet Annoyance Scale? That's it, this is the last time I'm coming back to this site. One thing is critisizing her alongside other characters, but when you specifically create a scale for it, that is basically a big SCREW YOU to her fans. I try to imagine how people would act if it had been precious Addie who got an annoyance scale. I imagine the reviewer would have been immediately fired from their position as episode reviewer for this show.


WHY haven't you guys done anything to that stupid banner already? It doesn't truly reflect Private Practice considering it's for two GREY'S episodes. I have a feeling the only reason you chose it was so that you could hide Vi and Coop behind those boxes...


Agreeing with everyone else about Addie needing to dump Sam and move on. He doesn't want what she wants and eventually the relationship will crumble because of it. Better to end it now rather than waiting for the inevitable. I think Addie should go at the baby-plans on her own, but if she were to end up with Jake, I don't think I would mind. Despite their struggles, both individually and as a couple, I continue to enjoy Violet and Pete's story. I think it's good that Pete is talking to Sheldon and thereby getting at least some perspective on his thoughts and feelings, and I like that he chose to let her in on his fear at the end of the episode. It's a step forward. And I really felt for Violet's struggles with stay-at-home motherhood, feeling isolated and craving adult company. I really enjoyed how Vi ended up reaching out to Addie, that whole scene was really cute and awkward. The whole "do you want to be friends" "do you?" exchange reminded me a lot of two first graders approaching on another. It really makes sense that despite everything that's gone down between them they choose to reach out to each other rather than anyone else. Amelia is too busy with her own struggles and refusing to reach out to anyone, and Charlotte has never really been a touchy-feely kind of person (although I do really miss the friendship she and Vi had in season 3). I think the long-lost-kid thing could be interesting, it depends on how it's being done. As long as Shonda doesn't look to Gilmore Girls as inspiration, where the way they went about the long-lost-kid storyline more or less undid the show... I think it will be a struggle at first, an adjustment, but in the long run I see CharCoop prevailing. I'm curious to see how long it will take Charlotte to come around to the kid, because eventually she will have to deal with him, too. Jake was wonderful with his patient this week, which makes me curious what his flaws are, because all of Shonda's creations are filled to the brink with flaws. How long before we get to see Jake's? And what will we think about him once we finally get to see'em?