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A Look Ahead at "Villains"

My calendar says Nov 11 is a tuesday, but it is also the calendar generated by Windows Vista....

Greg Grunberg Spills Spoilers for Fugitives

Remember HRG made mention of calling some gov. agency? I just love foreshadowing.

Heroes Commentary: Let Them Die!

If you want show that tells a single story that you are most likely to forget 13 minutes after watching it, i suggest you watch Law and Order. The series has help from Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb, two men responsible for some of the best known and best selling Batman tales of all time. Rather than second guessing these men, sit back and watch the show. It's a very simple premiss.

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Sympathy for the Parkman

On the October 20th episode of Heroes, Adam Monroe was killed by Papa Petrelli. The once immortal arch nemesis of Hiro Nakamura was literally reduced to a pile of ash. Within minutes of the shows ending, the internet was flooded with comments from disenfranchised fans who were obviously working through the stages of grief over the demise of Season 2’s main bad guy. Much of the outrage centered around the unexpected death of a character that played a large part in last season’s storyline. This week, Maury Parkman a significant villain from Season 2 met his demise at the Dark Side of the Force like powers of Papa Petrelli. Fan reaction to this more recent unexpected death was equivalent to the sound of a pin drop. There was no outrage. There was no concern. There was nothing. Why? I often wonder why Parkman is not given more screen time. I enjoy the psychology of the character. Imagine what it would be like to be able to know exactly what others think of you, especially when your sense of self worth isn’t that high. He couldn’t make it as a cop. He has a learning disability. He’s slightly overweight. His wife was cheating on him. It’s not easy being Parkman. Parkman simply is an underused character, and underused characters usually don’t last long. The title “Eris quod sum� can be found on tombstones and translates into “I am what you will become�. Is Matt on track to join his father or will he be spared because of his potential future relationship with Daphne? Daphne has been rumored to be destined for the chopping block this season, but may remain due to positive fan reaction. Perhaps that will help his character remain alive and revitalized.
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