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Dan Humphrey's Hair

I bet Blair mess it up from their many bathroom rendezvous!!! wohooo, Dan you tiger you!!!hahaha...

The Muppet

Damn those eyes and his hand!!! If I were Nate I might turn gay from the eyesex I received there.. and if Blair were there instead, I bet she'll grab him and go find the nearest "clean bathroom they can use"... hahaha...

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Song Lyrics?

DAIR is very exciting and unpredictable I can't wait for what is in store for them in the following episodes!!! By the way, CHAIR and DERENA??? lame and boring!!!!..haha.. Chuck and Serena make the Dair couple exciting and interesting though.. I suggest that they should hook up and be CHERENA..:))))))))))) DAIR and CHERENA FTW!!!!!! PS. I love Dan's eyesex and hands!!! I wanna eat him!!!!!!

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