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The episode was well worth it just for Aaron calling Tom a Dick. Priceless. You guys are right, there does need to be more smaller story lines to keep more going on. I think they are running them down to prepare for the season finale.


I think after the finale I am going to have to watch these last 5 episodes in order again because they are so good. I was also skeptical for the Jim and Pam relationship troubles thing, but it really has had a great payoff. I wonder if they dropped the whole boom guy thing when they saw how horrible fans would find it.
Great episode, really looking forward to next weeks and psyched to see that their real life Scranton wrap party looks like it will be in the finally. That's pretty cool.

The Mentalist Review: The Final Seven

Did he say no one, or no one living. I can't remember now, I have to watch the epi again to see the wording. No one living may mean his wife knew his happy memory and maybe she told RJ or a minion. Other then that possibility it's hard to figure how RJ could have known that specific memory but just as Jane says that it's parlor tricks and if you land one it's partially luck.
My vote is totally for Partridge. Great episode I really enjoyed it, wished there were more answers but can't wait for season 6.

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