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Mélynda, French, addicted to GG, 100% Chair shipper, I love everyone except Stephanie Savage.

Misfits, Community *_*, The Office, Bones, Friends, HIMYM, Top Model USA, Veronica Mars, Jersey Shore... My crush is Skins forever ♥

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Mlynda team dark knight
Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair: Will it last?

Lol Lauren is a funny gurl! xD No seriously, this couple is killing the show & mostly Blair's character. If you guys thinks that because they just hook up that means they are endgame, then please, go back to the first season & analyse that Chuck & Blair's relationship is still on since 5 seasons > 2 episodes. And yes Annie, the series low was 5x16. 2x25 was 2.23.

Mlynda team dark knight
POLL: Who is TV's Most Dynamic Duo?

I Hesitated between Nolan and Emily; Abed and Troy; Chuck and Dan. I choosed Chuck and Dan because Chuck is worth it ♥

Mlynda team dark knight
Gossip Girl Review: Chuck Bass, Out of Hell

Why is everyone so convinced that Louis is the father, we don't know. And awww this scene, at the end has anybody noticed his knee when he left the ring? :') he really is the prince.