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Meredith and April

Mer always wears converse!! I bet they get stuck together hiding out from the shooter

90210 Round Table: "Javianna"

Come on guys!! Navid all the way, him and Ad have so much history together, and you know how much she loves him! Javier looks just like Navid and is an intruder! I really don't think Annie is that bad of a character, and I can see the chemistry with Liam, so I definitely think its helping!!

Fun Boat Ride

I like them! Naomi and Liam are so boring together.....she is so self absorbed and never there for him!!! all they have is sexual chemistry...and that definitely isnt enough to make it last

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I hope Mark and Lexie gets back together (Relationships)

yes!!!! i want them back together too!! they will be....

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