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South Park Review: "Funnybot"

I as a German was shocked. Okay, the German comedy culture indeed sucks, and we can take a joke. And I'm not insulted by that whatsoever, I like laughing at myself and my people. (However, compared to other episodes this one really hit rock bottom humor-wise) Apparently the SP producers did not even bother hiring one freaking German native speaker for this episode. You could hear the translation mistakes that you would typically find in GoogleTranslations. Same thing goes with the pronouncation: I had serious trouble understanding anything. I just don't understand how they produce a show that sells for millions and millions of dollars and then do not even hire a German teacher or a German homeless person that tells them how to do it correctly. That wouldn't even have been an expenditure of more than $100. But yeah, all in all this episode was quite weak! Let's hope they'll improve throughout the season.