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The acting was superb but I am very disappointed with the death (wounding?) of Reid's love interest. The character has been through enough already: Mentally ill mother, kidnapped, wounded more than once. I thought it was time that he had something positive in his life, something healing. Her death was completely unnecessary, unless the writers want to torture us with Spencer's eventual devolution into insanity, which would be completely unacceptable. It was difficult enough to watch Hotch go through the stalking and death of his wife, we don't need to see the same thing play out with Reid. I hope that Maeve survives the shooting.

NCIS Round Table: "Shiva"

While we assume that Bodnar assassinated Eli in order to gain power in Mossad, I believe that someone else is the power behind him. I am curious about the mysterious Swedish billionaire's sudden appearance in the United States at the same time Deputy Director Craig came in from Europe. Could those two have a secret agenda? I also think Vancee will be a far darker version of himself, and wonder if he may forge some kind of bond with Ziva to exact revenge either through his position as director or as an outsider on leave. Being on leave would free him to do some fieldwork with her.

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