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romeo romeo where for out thy romeo?
dammit i knew i should be in theatre!

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Owen: right so mark threw this (hold up ball) at derek's face and you didn't duck so you ended up with a crocked noes?
Mark and Derek thinking: is this man really that stupid


that offically is the cutest picture i have seen of them

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Would you rather..

Denny definetly ellis was a bitch

would you rather have izzie and alex not be married and she not dissapear or them get married and she dissaper?

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Let's have some fun: Best quote from Greys? (Fan Fiction)


i love

meredith: you dont get to call me a whore when i met you i thought i had found someone i was going to spend the rest of my life i was done all bars, all the boys all the obvious daddy issues who cares becuase i was done you left me you chose addison i am all glued back together now i make no appoligise for how i chose to repair what you broke you dont get to call me a whore.

meredith: pick me choose me love me


Katie Bryce: "My head is full." Meredith: "It's called thinking. Go with it."

Derek : "It's not the chase."    Meredith: "What?"    Derek : "You and me. It is not the thrill of the chase. It's not a game. It's? it's your tiny ineffectual fists. And your hair."   Meredith : "My hair?"    Derek : "It smells good. And you're very, very ballsy. It keeps me in line."    Meredith : "I'm still not going out with you."   Derek : "You say that now."

Meredith: "You shouldn't live your life drawing lines; you should live your life crossing them."


Derek: "Seattle has ferry boats." Meredith: "Yes."Derek: "I didn't know that. I've been living here six weeks. I didn't know there were ferry boats."Meredith: "Seattle is surrounded by water on three sides."Derek: "Hence the ferry boats. Now I have to like it here. Wasn't planning on liking it here. I'm from New York. Genetically engineered to dislike everywhere except Manhattan. I have a thing for ferry boats."Meredith: "I'm not going out with you."Derek: "Did I ask you to go out with me? Do you want to go out with me?"Meredith: "I'm not dating you and I'm definitely not sleeping with you again. You're my boss."Derek: "I'm your boss' boss."Meredith: "You're my teacher. And my teacher's teacher. And you're my teacher."Derek: "I'm your sister. I'm your daughter."Meredith: "You're sexually harrassing me."Derek: "I'm riding an elevator."Meredith: "Look, I'm drawing a line. The line is drawn. There's a big line."Derek: "So, this line. Is it imaginary or do I need to get you a marker?"{Meredith dropping the folder she was holding, grabs him and they kiss, until the elevator dings and the door opens. Meredith grabs her dropped papers and hurries out.}

Derek: "You know, in some states you get arrested for that. So, you blew me off for a bottle of tequilla. Tequilla's no good for you -- doesn't call, doesn't write. It's not nearly as much fun to wake up to."



some of the bestt

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Would you rather..

operated on in an elevator defenetly

would you rather be killed off or not really be on screen that muchh

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