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Once Upon a Time Review: It's a Boy!

I have a feeling Emma and Hook will be taken to Oz by cyclone at the end of this season... Yet another world visit I don't care about.

The Blacklist Review: Scam or Second Chance?

I absolutely loved this! It had twists and turns and a compelling story that kept me drawn in for the entire hour. I'm convinced that Elizabeth is actually Red's daughter; it would explain why he's so obsessed with her. I also did not see the bit about her husband at the end coming until right before it happened. They opened up enough mysteries to keep me tuning in next week.


I absolutely loved this episode! I feel bad for Cruz, because so many people (myself included) are just going to hate her because she's with Sam, so I took the time to learn her name... Still doesn't make me like her any more. I'm interested to see how it plays out though. As long as her and Sam are done by like Episode 6ish.