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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 84

Blair: Dorota, i need an ice-tea. Chop-Chop!
Serena: Blair!
Blair: What?
Serena: It's her wedding day.
Blair: Wedding day or not ice-tea NOW!
Dorota: But Miss Blai.....
Blair: I said now Dorota!

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 84

Dorota: Miss Serena, Miss Blair you both look so beautiful. Are Mr Chuck and Mr Nate going to get lucky tonight?
Blair + Serena: (look confused).

Gossip Girl New Year's Resolutions

these were quite funny; but here are mine. rufus: pay more attention to my drug dealing daughter and get a hair cut.
lily: set serena a better example and try to pay more attention to my lonely son.
serena: try to pick a guy that isn't a con artist, married or dan humphrey.
chuck: propose to blair and find my scarf.
eric: follow through with my plan to dethrone jenny and get jonathan back.
blair: destroy jenny humphrey while regaining my position as queen of UES.
jenny: leave nate and serena alone and lose my v cards to a belgian drug dealer.
dan: tell vanessa that i love her and hopefully she'll say it back.
nate: take care of serena and make sure tripp stays away.
vanessa: tell dan how i feel and advise him to cut his hair.
georgina: i've had chuck and dan, now who's next?
dorota: marry vanya and answer to miss blair's every beck and call.