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Graceland Season Finale Review: Drowning

Whether Mike is alive or not, Paige's career is toast. Makes sense since she's lost her fucking mind and become a HOT BUTTERED MESS!!!!! If Mike's alive, then she can't be trusted and should be put on the next bus outta town and "burned." If Mike's NOT alive, then she's an accessory to murder...of a federal agent. BTW, Limey git jumps an entire story onto a hard concrete floor and DOESN'T sustain any significant injury? As the Brits say, "pull the other one."

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Graceland Review: Animal House

Well, I'll echo the other posters in saying what a great ep this was--one of the better ones this season. Man... Briggs' head sure is a dark place to be, ain't it? Good on the writers for making Charlie the recipient of the tape--I'd never have guessed that the officer at Sid's precinct called her....which makes me wonder, does that officer know Charlie's a fed? And is HE an undercover fed too? I think we're in for a wild finale (it's a 2-parter) and right on time. These sub-plots are become kinda tangled and convoluted so it's time to unravel them and tie 'em off.

Royal Pains Review: Orphan Syndrome

Well if Hank's girlfriend is disappointed in his looks, pass him over here. :-)

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