My favorite tv show is 90210. My favorite 90210 couple is SILVER AND DIXON. Love them.  
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Joe Jonas on 90210: First Look

At least Joe doesnt have those horrible glasses on. Jessica looks pretty though.

Will Navid and Silver Hook Up on 90210?

no! Navid and Silver! Thats like saying Teddy and Ivy would work. Its just not right.

90210 Review: "Winter Wonderland"

Yay! Finally Silver and Dixon will "talk" when the show returns. But Dixon should have told her truth instesd of not telling her that the girl was really Teddys sis.

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90210 Top Ten Couples of all season

1. Silver/Dixon

2. Navid/Ade

3. Naomi/Liam

4. Dixon/Ivy

5. Teddy/Ian

6.  Annie/Ethan

7. Annie/Jasper

8. Naomi/Oscar

9. Liam/Ivy

10. Silver/Teddy


10. Ade/Teddy

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hate Adrianna

nope season 1 number 1 couple was Silver/Dixon!

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Which couples??

I used to be 100% Silver/Dixon but now im kinda liking the Dixon/Ivy..?

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