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Love interest for Damon!! Loved Phoebe Tonkin on TSC, would love to see her elsewhere!

Nikita: Renewed for Season 3!

Yay!! Yippee!! Greatest news ever. Well... second to Caskett getting together. But I am SO happy. Haha. :) Pure awesomeness.
I've read some interviews of Devon Sawa and he had hoped Nikita would be renewed and that he would like to be able to come back. It's so awesome that they have/had actors who are so invested in the show. I hope he comes back. Owen!!
I love the whole dynamic. I hope that Sonya turns on Percy and joins Nikita's team. They need more girl power. And a love interest for Birkoff. If he lives after Micheal kicks his ass for kissing Nikki. Haha. Love it!!

New NBC Schedule: An In-Depth Look

Ok. Just saw an extended promo for Revolution. Looks kinda like how the earth was for the Hunger Games. Ha. I'll tune in just for kicks... and cuz I like the Hunger Games. And archery. Wow. Lame excuse to watch it. Will prolly only watch the pilot. Ha. Sorry, JJ Abrams... Ahhh! Community on Fridays? I understand they're fighting with CBS for comedy night, but don't shows go to Fridays to die? But Nikita lived. Eh. I'll def still watch Community!! Six seasons and a movie!!:D