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Teen Wolf Review: A Mexican Vacation

I actually like Malia. I am surprised a lit of people hate her actually. Stiles deserves someone better than Lydia, who has never given him the time of day. And I agree with what is said before: where was all the hate when Lydia kept hooking up with that alfa dude? Now that guy I disliked. I would still like to see Lydia and Stiles someday, but both have a lot of growing up to do before their romance would seem realisitic. On a sidenote, I am not happy about young Derek! I liked an older werewolf (not Peter) and oh how I am going to miss Tyler! Well, we'll see what babyface Derek will bring us. But they better bring Tyler back fast!


Demon Dean? hm. It feels like there will be a lot of seperate Sam and Dean storylines next season. I just want them to be brothers again, not be seperated

Salem Review: Lack of Evidence

I give up. I tried to like this show, I really did. I know I complained about the gory and messy parts and they were missing from this episode. I should be happy right? I'm not. The problem is that this show fails to captivate me. I don't care about the characters, I don't care about the story. I dislike the lovestory between Mary and John and I know that Mary is suppose to be a conflicted person but all she does is irritate me.
This is just my opinion and I hope that other people will enjoy the show, but this was my last episode.

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Hopes for the show?

Well, I did read the books and i can already say, I like the Cassie on the show better. She's got a lot more spirit and is more independent than the Cassie from the books. I hope they keep that up! and I hope Diana gets a bit of an edge in the show instead of being the good girl all the time :) that's all i am going to say... I do not want to spoil anything of course :D


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Any male fan in this TVD page? :D

@Vampbarbie ... true ;D

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Does anyone know anything about TVD bringing Meredith into the show?

Alaric and Meridith's student-teacher relationship.

I do hope that is a normal student-teacher relationship and not the illegal kind from dirty little liars.. otherwise that would ruin Alaric for me really ..

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