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AHHHHHHH i love this show .... last mintue was best i hope that they find their way together.. thank god she is wearing a vest!!
Betty i couldnt agree with you more!!! •Betty
May 17th, 2011 9:09 AM I was stunned at the end of the show when Kate got shot. I felt like my heart had been torn out when Rick told her he loved her. I so much want to see them together. I absolutlely love this show.

NCIS Review: Mike Franks' Swan Song

sadness ... GREAT Episode but so sad i cried like 5 times... i love this show i know that ,ziva,tony,gibbs, mcgee, and abbs have all signed multi year deals... so i think they are safe... Mark Harmon said that the final episode this season "has an impressive body count"...aww im gonna miss mike...sigh how will i live while the show is on hiatus??hehehe

Chuck Review: Chuck, I Am Your Mother

OH GOD PLLLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSEEEEE do not cancel the show...i love chuck