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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 56

Blair : Chuck, what are you doing here?
Chuck : Blair, I came back for you.. I'll always be here for you, I tried to get you out of my system but you don't know what you to to me, you don't even understand..
Blair : But I thought it was all a "game" and that I it didn't mean anything after I slept with Jack. You know even if you said the 3 words, 8 letters it's a long shot.
Chuck : Blair please forgive me I'm sorry and I love you..
Blair : it's tooooo lateeee to apologizeeeeee! Haha okay I just had to and the outta my system thing chuck says is a song for bow wow and apologize for one republic :)

The Nate-Jenny Kiss

Jenny & Nate are the best !
I think it's so cool how they were together !
I think they should rekindle their attraction in season three or something !
EVERYONE knows .
its Blair and chuck .
Dan and Serena .
and NAE & JENNY . & stop saying she's too young .
if you were 15 and got a chance to make out with HIM i bet you would even think twice about it you'd just say yes in a freaking heartbeat . Don't deny it .
about them in gossip girl >> && ITS EVERY 15 YEAR OLDS DREAM TO DATE A HOTTER OLDER GUY ! Especially of its some senior she's been crushing on .
and its not like they didnt hint it to us is season 1 thats somethng was going to happen between them, besides in the book Jenny & Nate have a big role .
I think they should get together again !

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 50

Gabriel : Serena, i truly am sorry. ( what he's really thinking : I wonder if that will get me in her pants again. )
Serena : You can't just come here and say sorry after what you've done! ( what she's really thinking : This is one bad cup of water, mental note to sue the restaurant . )