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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 56

Blair : Chuck, what are you doing here?
Chuck : Blair, I came back for you.. I'll always be here for you, I tried to get you out of my system but you don't know what you to to me, you don't even understand..
Blair : But I thought it was all a "game" and that I it didn't mean anything after I slept with Jack. You know even if you said the 3 words, 8 letters it's a long shot.
Chuck : Blair please forgive me I'm sorry and I love you..
Blair : it's tooooo lateeee to apologizeeeeee! Haha okay I just had to and the outta my system thing chuck says is a song for bow wow and apologize for one republic :)

The Nate-Jenny Kiss

Jenny & Nate are the best !
I think it's so cool how they were together !
I think they should rekindle their attraction in season three or something !
EVERYONE knows .
its Blair and chuck .
Dan and Serena .
and NAE & JENNY . & stop saying she's too young .
if you were 15 and got a chance to make out with HIM i bet you would even think twice about it you'd just say yes in a freaking heartbeat . Don't deny it .
about them in gossip girl >> && ITS EVERY 15 YEAR OLDS DREAM TO DATE A HOTTER OLDER GUY ! Especially of its some senior she's been crushing on .
and its not like they didnt hint it to us is season 1 thats somethng was going to happen between them, besides in the book Jenny & Nate have a big role .
I think they should get together again !

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 50

Gabriel : Serena, i truly am sorry. ( what he's really thinking : I wonder if that will get me in her pants again. )
Serena : You can't just come here and say sorry after what you've done! ( what she's really thinking : This is one bad cup of water, mental note to sue the restaurant . )

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OMG, you all make it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to talk lol i have to log in to this thread every 5 seconds (: andd andd í'm off to watch season 2 i have it on DVD xD

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can someone please tell me what njbc stands for (A) ?

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What if Gossip Girl is...

OMG ! my post :( it was so long . im not sure if it shows or not . but anyways, i said that gossip girl is the person in the bakground lstng to everythng to everyone's secrets, she is the person sitting next to them at lunch that they don't notice, the person in the hallway that lstns to their conversations, the one standing behind the door when they think no one is around, she is like EVERYWHERE . She's most probably someone who is unnoticed by them so she uses all the gossip she knows about them to get back at them or something ?

But in the books she is one of them you know, the uppereastsiders, the ones that are rich and party and everythng and shes like that in the series too so i guess she is everywhere but not in a im a loser kind of way but like she hides her identity pretty well nd i dont think its any of them because IF they ever decided to let gossip girl make am appearance, they have to use Kirsten Bell so they aren't going to let it be one of the main characters like chuck and blair or serena and stuff like that .

And i don't get how shes going with them to college they're all like going to be in different colleges, Season 3 is going to be VERY interesting .

and sorry for my first post (:

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