My Name is Jasmine, Im 16 I live in the Fabulous New York like theUpper east siders themselves.   I watch the show but never read all the books, I read the first one but Im not really much of a reader when I dont have to be. Im a junior and I plan on going to college maybe for fashion it is my dream but I do want to do something realistic. Although they do say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere and Hey i've made it 16 years so far so I really dont think anything else is stopping me, once you have that New york state of mind you can pretty much do anything lol at least thats what my uncle in texas tells me.  By the way did I mention I madly in love With Chace Crawford.. HES SOOOOO GORGEOUSSS i want to marry him, and within the next couple of months I will be legal [17 is legal in ny] Call me bby muahzz] lol 

P.s Nate && jenny all day Vanessa sux =p

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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 71

Bree;; Is that Chuck Bass? Wow He is Hott Nate;; Great now your gonna leave me too??

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 59

Nate; Vanessa look i miss you
Vanessa; Wow you and Chuck really do like to go back and forth huh?

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 52

Dan; So after this you wanna go..
Vanessa; nope!
Dan; But look the hotel room even has a jacuzzi
Vanessa; Just because i slept with chuck doesnt mean im the new Nate, dan.