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The Closer Review: Deposition Day

Who will be in a spin off? Love the Closer , I think Kyra does a marvelous job/ Hate to see her go. Last nights episode was very good - I am beginning to like Raydor more.

Criminal Minds Review: "The Stranger"

I like Michael's assessment what if she is sick or Seaver's mom.
That said I did like last nights show. I think Seaver is just not the type for this team. I say send her to the other CM team. Maybe they can toughen her up. I know that Hotch knows Emily is still alive and I think the rest of the team will be very upset when they find out he did not tell them. But they will come around because they will know it is best for Emily. Hope she and JJ come back.


PLEASE bring JJ and Prentiss back!!!! They make the show whole. Put Seaver on the new CM Suspect Behavior. She may fit there better. I agree with Catherine, if Morgan and Hotch leave I will leave also. The team is great together - don't break them up anymore.

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