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True Blood Vs Twilight

Okay, you cannot compare these two productions for quite a number of reasons. While both productions are based on a series of novels, the crucial difference is that True Blood is a television series and Twilight a movie (obviously). The adaptation to two radically different mediums must be a factor when attempting a comparison. 

But, back to your question, let's compare.

True Blood's got as the name suggests blood & gore, sex (who doesn't like sex?) and a Southern feel (oh I love the accents).

Twilight is more sophisticated in the sense of portraying vampires as romantics and consequently combines this premise with the idea of a dramatic Romeo/Juliet showdown (in the first part). 

My pick would be True Blood IN GENERAL, but if I had to compare TB's latest season with Twilight then it wouldn't stand a chance because it was so terribly bad (probably the consequences of Alan Ball's departure). Also, both productions have a different target audience. 

In the end, TB's portrayal of vampires speaks more to me.

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No shit sherlock

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