Well, I'm not much of a TV watcher.  But this is kind of fun.  The only shows I like are Chuck, Heroes, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.  I'll force myself to watch 90210 if I know Michael Steger is going to be in a particular episode.  He's so gorgeous I just love looking at him. I'm kind of an eccentric person.  I guess you could say I took "the road less traveled". I don't think I've ever really become an adult. But I found a quote in a friend of mine's profile that says that's not a bad thing.  Here's part of it:

I think we are capable of fooling ourselves in a lot of different ways. People talk about what makes a child an adult, as if there is some physical or emotional or mental threshold we cross, but I tell you this, and if you are honest with yourself you will know it is true: the thing that makes us adult is our ability to delude ourselves. That’s all.

From "Land of the Blind" by Jess Walter

I think I've retained the ability to see things the way they really are. 

I'm a very logical person and everyday I see people doing completely illogical things and believing completley illogical things just because that's what they've been taught.  When I present them with irrefutable logical arguments that they're being or thinking illogically they act like I'm crazy and continue to defend their illogical lives. They would rather cling to their illusions than to see things the way they really are.  Well, taking the road most traveled is an easier way to live.  All you have to do is copy what people that have gone befor you have already done.

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Wow! It looks like Michael's going to be in this episode. I'll be sure to watch.

Tori Spelling Picture

I really don't like to make negative comments on people's looks. In the real world it's totally unimportant and people can't help how they're born looking. But what I don't like is that Tori Spelling would never have gotten an acting job if not for her famous father director Aaron Spelling. I hate to say this but she's one of the homeliest actresses I've ever seen. If she were just an ordinary person her looks wouldn't matter. I don't choose my friends by how they look. She may be a wonderful person and be somebody that I would really like. And as for that, looks shouldn't matter in the acting world. I'm sure there are plenty of extremely talented actors out there who can't make it because they don't measure up in terms of looks. And look at all the mediocre actors who've made it big because of they're looks. Why do we only want to see beautiful people. Is there something missing in out lives that we want these fantasy people to worship. I love good movies. I love good acting. But it IS fun to look at beautiful people. I'm madly in love with a TV actor right now. I think he's the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. It's the only reason I watch the show he's in. I actually hate the show but I just love looking at him. So I guess I'm just like everybody else. He provides fodder for all kinds of delicious fantasies, not necessarily sexual but just romantic. But fantasies get old after awhile.

Do Not Mess With Sarah

This is the Sarah that I love. I just wish she would admit to Chuck that she loves him!