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@martinelli: I'm sure that Adam has more than enough money to bail himself out. So unless his bail was remanded, he's probably out of jail.


Wow! Some of the comments here are ridiculous! Part of me wonders why we can't all just get along – we're all here because we love the show, after all — but then, the other part of me wishes people would just stop whining about the finale. No, it wasn't perfect, but I honestly don't get the hate for it. Overall, I thought it was a pretty decent episode. My only big complaint about the finale was the whole Chin thing at the end – not because I didn't like it, but because it didn't flow right to me. I would've liked to have seen that storyline play out more. NCSI: LA got a two-hour finale; H50 should have too. Then the Chin/Kono/Malia/Delano storyline wouldn't have seemed so rushed. That said, personally, I love that Shelburne is Steve's mom. Like many others, I called it months ago, but I am really happy that that's how it went down. There's so much potential there, and it could create some awesome storylines (seriously, we better see the scene where Steve tells Danny about his mother. I am dying to see that conversation), where Alex could show off his acting chops. I've seen a lot of people rag on his acting (not that I'm saying that the praise is undeserved, mind you – just that Alex doesn't deserve all the criticism), and he could really prove some people wrong with this storyline. Also, not gonna lie, I love angsty Steve – especially when Danny's there for comfort. LOL! ;) Finally, I'm waiting to reserve judgment on Catharine until we actually see her as a full-time character. I've enjoyed her appearances so far, and while I don't want her to break up the Danny/Steve partnership, I'm still interested to see what role her character will play.

Castle Review: A Konniving Killer?

This episode showcased what I a lot of what I enjoy about Castle: the comedy, the subtle Castle/Beckett moments and the characters. I too am not a bit fan of Hilarie Burton (her character on White Collar is most especially annoying, and HB does nothing to make her likable), but I actually enjoyed her on Castle. She made that character both vulnerable and terribly annoying in way only a Kim Kardashian-esque character could be. Having said that, though, I knew pretty much from the beginning "whodunit," and that bugged me. Much as I love Castle, I hate predictability, and that's exactly what we got with this case. Still, overall, I thought it was a good episode. I'd give it a 7 or 8/10.

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